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Imagine. Plan. Pursue.

The right approach can mean a world of difference in business.

We help you setup a long-term plan once we determine where the problem spots are, as well as which business philosophies work better for your industry. 

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Advice. Mentorship. Success.

A good mentor can offer encouragement where needed

Or chiding, if required, along with guidance on any number of subjects, all without trying to run the business themselves.

And while someone more senior can offer good advice, they’re not the only voice you should seek: Peers and others at the same stage of business as you, for instance, may have a closer perspective on how things are currently operating, or what new technologies or methodologies are worth your time.

Profit Consultant & SARA.city CEO

Charles Thomason, II

It’s through his college and career experience in Marketing and Business Management that affords the opportunity to offer solutions for growth and profitability to various companies across a multitude of industries.

Sales and Marketing, coupled with strategic solutions – and event management – Charles has developed a niche in the Business Services industry and now focuses on that niche on behalf of his clients.

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